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Friday, March 11, 2022

How is AI technology changing the Freelance industry?

  Prak Vichet       Friday, March 11, 2022

In recent years, the job market has proven to be a place of employment, especially for Freelancers. Today, India is the only country with more than 15 million Freelancers, and even in the United States, it is projected that half of the workforce will have Freelancers by 2020.

The freelance market is not only growing fast, it is also changing as new technologies make all career opportunities easier. Along with advances such as automation and crypto currency, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another tool that is making its mark on the freelance industry.

Fraud protection

We often hear about the disruption of AI technology that disrupts the financial sector. In fact, the Coin Telegraph notes how algorithms are commonly used to detect fraudulent transactions and reduce false transactions. But with freelancers working digitally, they can also benefit from an extra layer of security. After all, unpaid customers and fake customers are a big problem in this industry where AI technology can help solve the problem.

New ideology on content

Nowadays, there is so much content on the internet that it is difficult to find something original. This is a common struggle for freelance writers, designers, marketers and content creators. There are many AI-powered solutions like Frase. This topic analyzer can move thousands of existing content and point out gaps in content. In addition, it also provides topical recommendations with more SEO-related considerations. Of course, freelancers can still choose any topic to choose from, but AI makes it more time efficient.

Better project management

It is not uncommon to see freelancers working on multiple projects at the same time, so preparation is very important. There is now an AI-powered platform like Futurenda that divides task tasks into sections and puts them into "crawl mode". In the eDiscovery section of Special Advisors, it shows how AI is being used similarly in more similar areas. By organizing tasks as a team, experts can identify key areas to prioritize, thus saving a lot of time and resources. With everything automated, programs like Futurenda can help freelancers focus on delivering on more important work.

Correct job competition

For freelancers, finding clients can be difficult enough, but finding good clients is a bigger challenge. To help with the matching process, many tech companies are now taking advantage of Tara AI — a tool that connects IT projects with the truly skilled freelancers needed. It works by analyzing the code and then contacting the developers who match what the company needs. It is no longer a concern to get insufficient job descriptions.


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