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Friday, March 11, 2022

Contestation about iPhone SE 2022

  Prak Vichet       Friday, March 11, 2022

The cheapest iPhone has increased in price from $399 to $429, but uses a slower 5G chip than the iPhone 13.

Compared to the previous two generations, the iPhone SE 2022 is 30 USD more expensive . This is in contrast to many leaked rumors before the launch, suggesting that the 3rd generation iPhone SE will have an affordable price, more suitable for users' pockets.

The factor that makes the new iPhone SE increase in price

Before the Peek Performance event, many people speculated that the iPhone SE 3 would be equipped with two major updates: the A15 Bionic chip and support for 5G connectivity. This information is completely accurate, even Apple has increased the battery life of the device.

At the time of the iPhone SE 2020 launch, 5G was not yet a must-have feature on smartphones. However, times have changed. Within 6 months of announcing iPhone SE 2, iPhone 12 became the first iPhone to own 5G. Even 5G connectivity appears on mid-range Android phone products.

In 2022, the 3rd generation iPhone SE is aimed at customers who want to own a cheap smartphone with 5G support and impressive performance. Therefore, this connection becomes a must-have feature.

“Despite the $429 price tag , the iPhone SE will still do well in the smartphone market. Especially, 5G connectivity makes this product even more competitive with phones of the same price range," said Counterpoint Research analyst Jeff Fieldhack .

However, if you follow the iPhone through the generations, users will realize that 5G connectivity greatly affects the iPhone's selling price. Specifically, when the iPhone 12 is released in 2020, the actual selling price has increased slightly, and the iPhone 13 is still the same.

iPhone 13 lowest version costs 799 USD . But to buy this price, users must pay through the network. Therefore, the actual selling price of iPhone 13 128 GB version is 829 USD , 30 USD higher than the figure Apple announced at the launch event.

Users may also encounter a similar situation when buying an iPhone SE 3 with 5G connectivity. The most obvious proof is the price of 429 USD of iPhone SE 3, up 30 USD compared to prediction.

5G on iPhone SE is not as "genuine" as iPhone 13

However, the 5G technology on the iPhone SE will not be as complete as the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. Apple's website clearly states that the new iPhone SE and iPad Air support 5G bands below 6 GHz, not mmWave bands.

The mmWave frequency band helps 5G achieve higher speeds, possibly up to 1 Gbps, but the coverage is poorer and is usually only available in certain locations, making it difficult to cover the whole city.

The price to add 5G network connectivity to the iPhone SE 3 is not cheap. According to The Verge , users will have to bear the cost of 5G components.

These components have been used by Apple on the iPhone 12 series and raise the price to $ 34 higher than the previous 4G-only iPhone 11. The difference in price is not due to expensive OLED screen technology but to components for 5G, Counterpoint Research said.

On the other hand, Qualcomm's 5G modem alone on the iPhone 12 costs $90 . This is the most expensive part in the entire manufacturing process of this phone, according to analysis by Fomalhaut Techno Solutions and Nikkei . But that's just an estimate and Apple doesn't disclose specific information about the components in the product.

"The $30 increase in selling price surprised many users, but that's normal considering the constraints in the chip supply chain," said Ivan Lam, a veteran analyst at Counterpoint Research .


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