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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Apple 64 GB Storage is Still Enough in 2022

  Prak Vichet       Sunday, March 20, 2022

With the growing capacity of apps and games, 64 GB of memory on the iPhone SE and iPad Air 2022 may not be enough for the next few years.

Apple once "scored" when launching the iPhone 13 series with the lowest capacity of 128 GB, double compared to 64 GB on the previous generation. However, until the beginning of this year, the iPhone SE 2022 and the 5th generation iPad Air still keep the basic 64 GB capacity, instead of upgrading to 128 GB like the iPhone 13.

When the demand for use is increasing, 64 GB capacity is no longer suitable to maintain in 2022, especially when comparing iPhone SE, iPad Air with competitors in the same segment.

Cloud storage is not necessarily useful

iPhone SE is a special device in the Apple ecosystem with its compact size, low price and traditional, if not outdated, design. According to Android Authority , an ordinary user will not choose the iPhone SE 2022 when placed next to Android smartphones of the same price range. For $429 , users can choose models with a modern design and more cameras.

Compared to the Pixel 5a, Google's mid-range smartphone costs $449, $ 20 more than the iPhone SE 2022, but has 128 GB of memory, 6 GB of RAM, and an extra rear camera for wide-angle photography.

The highest version of the iPhone SE 2022 has a capacity of 256 GB, priced at 579 USD . For comparison, the Google Pixel 6 is $20 more expensive but offers a modern experience with a 6.4-inch screen, Gorilla Glass Victus, and a rear camera cluster with Google's proprietary image processing algorithm.

Meanwhile, the only advantage of the iPhone SE 2022 lies in the A15 Bionic, Apple's most powerful iPhone processor today. 256 GB memory is not really worth the extra $150 for users compared to the standard version.

There are still smartphones with 64 GB memory, but they are cheaper than the iPhone SE 2022. For example, Samsung's Galaxy A13 model has 64 GB memory, supports 5G networks, but costs only 249 USD . Samsung's device also integrates a microSD card slot to expand the capacity.

Cloud storage is considered the solution if the amount of memory on the machine is limited. However, cloud storage isn't always perfect. iCloud only gives users 5 GB of free storage, which is easy to fill up when storing a lot of music, photos or videos.

If you need more storage, Apple offers a 50GB iCloud option for a pretty cheap price ( $1 /month). However, not all data on iPhone is saved to the cloud. Many applications like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram take up little space when first installed, but will quickly increase to more than 1 GB after a long time of use.

With games like Call of Duty Mobile , the size of this game is about 2.4 GB. Users can delete when not playing, but it will take time to reinstall when needed. Some games like Neighbor , Asphalt 9 have a capacity of 1.7 GB and 2.6 GB, respectively.

Another important memory-intensive part is iOS data, which usually falls between 8-9 GB. These data cannot be saved to iCloud. Add in photos, music, and videos, and 64GB of space will quickly run out.

With the A15 Bionic processor chip, iPhone SE 2022 is enough to play heavy games, take photos and record 4K videos. However, 64 GB memory will make users uncomfortable when having to think about installing an important app or game, or consider a valuable moment before taking a photo.

iPad Air M1 also starts with 64 GB

Not only the iPhone SE 2022, the iPad Air model with the M1 processor chip, the performance equivalent to a computer, also only has 64 GB of space for the standard version. Except for the iPad Pro, the remaining iPad lines still start at 64 GB.

Like the iPhone SE 2022, the 64 GB memory of the 5th generation iPad Air makes users consider what to save. Apple advertises the M1 chip for design, photo and video editing very well, but the above data will consume a lot of memory. The iPad Air's 10.9-inch screen can also be used to watch movies and play games, but users must consider what games to install to avoid receiving a "memory full" message too soon.

iPads are designed to last for years. Some people think that 64 GB of memory is still enough for the moment, but what if the capacity of games and applications increases in the next 3-4 years?

Compared to the competition, the iPad Air 2022 costs $ 599 for 64 GB of storage. Meanwhile for 699 USD , users can buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with 128 GB capacity, with free S Pen stylus.

Increasing the memory to 256 GB and buying more Apple Pencil, the price users need to pay for the iPad Air is 879 USD , while the same option of the Galaxy Tab S8 costs 779 USD .

It is not clear how much money Apple saves by not using 128 GB of memory as the standard version. In the past, there was a study that showed that Apple has optimized good profits when keeping iPhones with 16 GB capacity, higher versions cost about 100-200 USD to stimulate users to upgrade.

By 2022, that seems to be repeating itself with the 64GB version. Apple thinks 64 GB is still enough. However, those who want to get the most out of their device's power may realize the above number will quickly deplete.

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