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Saturday, March 12, 2022

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Hackers

  Prak Vichet       Saturday, March 12, 2022

Because the Internet provides convenience to the general public, it is also a source of viruses as well as other crimes committed by hackers. Below we share some important tips to help smartphone users escape online hackers.

1. Don't fall into the trap of hackers, hackers and scammers are getting smarter each day. They can literally scare you into giving up your sensitive information, like passwords. they can impersonate a trustworthy person at any institution by calling you to resolve any issues and requiring an account password or PIN Code to steal other users' accounts, such as Facebook accounts. , iCloud, Gmail or bank account as well.

2. Don't click on unknown links on the Public and Unsecured Internet or in the e-mail you received may contain links similar to any official company that hackers increase to your trust, which may entice you to click on a link or log in. Other websites will unknowingly download the virus they came across.

3. Don't Install software which unknown sources because it is very dangerous, it is like you have opened your hand to hackers to access your home like that.

4. Don't use public Wi-Fi or open Wi-Fi for free. Hacker can take your important data too.

5. Optimize passwords so that hackers do not easily guess the correct password. You should use a password with special features as recommended by experts below:

- Use a password of at least 8 digits

- Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols

- Use lowercase and uppercase letters

- For added efficiency, you should use the Two-Factor Authentication add-on for extra security in addition to passwords.

6. Use Anti-Virus software to prevent viruses from entering your smartphone by any negligent act You can use recognized and licensed anti-virus software on your smartphone.

7. Update the Operating System To avoid hacker attacks on the operating system. Therefore, updating to the latest operating system is also an added security on all your smartphones.


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