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Monday, March 1, 2021

How to Convert Facebook Normal Page to New Page Experience (Page Profile)

  Simple Tutorial       Monday, March 1, 2021

 A New Page Experience or Page Profile has been updated since beginning 2021 but most pages still not available for this update. Anyway this update will available for all page in coming month.

Today I will show you how to convert a Facebook normal page to New Page Experience or Page Profile.

It's very simple way just follow these steps:

1- Log in your Facebook account

2- Copy the below link and paste in the address bar

3- Copy the Page ID you want to convert and paste in PutYourPageID in the address bar

4- Follow the Facebook instruction

5- Done!

(Note: Some pages still cannot convert at this time.)


Thanks for reading How to Convert Facebook Normal Page to New Page Experience (Page Profile)

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  1. i tried to convert my page but its showing Query Error, how to fix it.

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  4. i try to convertmy page but erroe


  6. it doesn't work for me and i dont know why

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