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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

31 Awesome Useful Car Hacks Every Drivers Should Know !!

  admin       Wednesday, August 16, 2017

31 Awesome Useful Car Hacks Every Drivers Should Know :

01- Don’t Change Lanes During A Traffic Jam: 
Don't change lanes during a traffic jam. Studies have shown that it won't get you out any faster and increases chances of getting in an accident.

02- If You're Going Somewhere Cold: 
If you're going somewhere cold, your doors might freeze shut. To prevent this, coat all of the rubber on the inside of your doors with cooking spray and then wipe it down.

03- How To Get Sticker Off From Window: 
If you can't get a sticker off your window, use warm water to soak some newspaper and place if over the sticker for 10 minutes.

04- Keep An Emergency Kit in Your Trunk: 
Keep an emergency kit in your trunk include a cheap mobile phone, toilet paper, blankets, water and snacks.

05- Bring A Bed With You: 
Bring an inflatable pool floatie on a road trip and you have a bed.

06- How To Keep Cool Steering On A Hot Day: 
On a hot day, turn your steering wheel 180 degrees when you park so that the top isn't burning hot when you return.

07- Take Advantage Of Free Air: 
Most gas stations offer free air to inflate your tires. This will increase your gas mileage significantly.

08- Tape-deck Hack: 
If your car still has a tapedeck, use it to hold more modern tech in place.

09- If A Truck Suddenly Slows Down: 
If a truck suddenly slows down, so should you Truckers communicate with each other about speed traps.

10- Understanding The Exit Signs: 
Exit signs are positioned to the left or right depending on which side the exit is on.

11- Use A Mesh Bungee:
Use a mesh bungee for a coat hanger.

12- Use A Shower Caddy: 
Use a showers caddy to store the oil and other liquids that you need for a road trip.

13- Phone Holder Hack: 
If you don't have a phone holder, use a rubber band.

14- How To Fill Gas Tank: 
When filling your tank, hold the trigger halfway. You'll get more gas and less air in the tank.

15- Keep Your Car Fresh With Dryer Sheets: 
Keep an open box of dryer sheets in your car, they're cheaper, longer lasting, more effective and nicer smelling that cheap air fresheners.

16- If You Rent A Car, Take Pictures of It: 
If you rent a car for a trip, take pictures of it beforehand so that you can't be blamed for anything already wrong with it.

17- Use The Floor-mats: 
If you get stuck in mud or snow, use the floormats inside your car for traction.

18- How To Cool Down A Car Without A/C: 
To cool down a car without a/c while driving, only open the driver and passenger windows. Keep the back ones shut and the breeze will be a lot stronger.

19- How To Avoid Getting Conned On The Road: 
If you need repairs on the road and don't want to get conned, ask any potential mechanic about a part of the car that you know is in good shape.

20- How To Cool A Car in Seconds: 
To cool a hot car in seconds, roll down one window all the way, then walk to the other side of the car and open and close the door a few times.

21- Drop A Pin: 
Parking your car somewhere unfamiliar? Drop a pin on your phones map as soon as you get there and you'll have no problem getting back.

22- Best Way To Hold Car Remote: 
Holding your car remote under your chin will increase its range.

23- How To Fix Scratches: 
Scratches can be fixed with clear nail polish.

24- How To Get Out From Traffic Jam: 
If you get stuck in a traffic jam, pay attention to which lane the 18 wheelers are using. They have radios and usually let each other know which lanes to avoid.

25- How To Get Rid of Road Sick: 
If you get road sick, tilt your head to the side and it'll go away.

26- If You're Traveling With Kids: 
Shower organisers are great for travelling with kids.

27- Hack About Understanding The Gas Tank: 
If you're driving an unfamiliar car, the arrow next to the gas pump shows which side of the car the gas tank is on.

28- How To Position Mirrors: 
If you can see the flank of your car in your wind mirrors, they're positioned wrong and potentially unsafe. The best way to avoid blind spots is to position mirrors so that no part of your car appears in them.

29- How To Prevent Windows From Fogging: 
To keep your windows from fogging, cut a clean potato in half and rub it on the inside.

30- Trash Can Hack: 
If you're heading on a long trip, use a cereal box as a trash can.

31- If You Ever Got Lost: 
If you ever got lost, ask a fast food delivery place for directions.


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