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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tor Browser For Windows

  Unknown       Sunday, February 5, 2017

A new and familiar web browser that were almost same other browsers, with this one you can safely visit your favorite web pages, you have an extra edge in this browser that keeping your identity hidden. With help of its unique application such as Tor Browser Bundle you can safely access your favorite pages without the risk of triggering attacks and protecting your identity.

All available features come in the form of a custom-made version of Mozilla Firefox, which is not necessarily bad because it lets you quickly accommodate. The application requires you to select connection type before being able to fully enjoy a safe browsing experience. Almost all available options are similar to the one you find in Firefox, with a few additions.

  • Go online in a safe environment.
  • A friendly interface that keeps your system safe.
  • The Torbutton puts several settings at your disposal
-The possibility to fully configure connection settings,
-Handle cookie protection,
-Choose a new identity for enhanced security.
  • Tor Browser keeping your data safe the integrated HTTPS Everywhere addon, which basically encrypts communication between your computer and various web pages you access.
  • Most available options are similar to the one you find in Firefox, with a few additions.
Tech Info:

Current Version: Tor Browser 6.5 / 7.0 Alpha 1
File Size: 48.4 MB
Runs On:

• Windows XP
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7
• Windows 7 64 bit
• Windows 8
• Windows 8 64 bit
• Windows 10
• Windows 10 64 bit

Category: Security \ Security Related
Developer: The Tor Project
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  1. I'm glad to read an article about the Darknet written by someone who's actually been there; most articles I read about it are usually myths and falsities perpetuated by those looking for views. This article is a veritable wealth of information; thanks a ton for writing it.
    Joseph Donahue

  2. Well, I have learnt something new here, I have to admit. But I am not sure if I am ready to explore the Dark Net, perhaps I would prefer to explore deep space. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice article. Enjoyed reading and going through the links… However, really I don’t know what I should use it for 😛 May be I can figure it out .
    Kelly Hubbard

  4. I am a nooblet to the darknet too, have only just found out about it by reading this hub. Thank you for your explanation of what the darknet is and how to access it. Will have to check it out ;)

    Harold Burton