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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Features missing in Windows Phone 7 Series

  admin       Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Windows Phone 7 Series is one of the most consistently discussed topics on the web over the past two weeks now!  There are however, a few features or provisions missing and which need to be included in WP7S, in my opinion.
1. No Copy Paste Feature
Copy paste is one feature which is considered to be soul of any operating system; but Windows Phone 7 handset will not be able to copy and paste items. I wonder that the current version is still supporting this feature but the new OS is lacking in it.
Windows Phone executive Todd Brix enlighten to this fact at MIX 10 and  said, “It’s actually an intentional design decision. We try to anticipate what the user wants, so copy and paste isn’t necessary.”
2. No multitasking
This is a great draw back. Without support for multitasking a user cannot use more than one third party application at the same time. Though you can keep your apps running in the background but users wont be able to run multiple apps simultaneously and switch between them.
3. Adobe Flash
As iPod OS ,WP7S also provides no support for Adobe Flash. That means you may not be able to view files or apps that news flash support. So I think developers will work more on making apps compatible with Silverlight.
4. No upgradation
Its been very much bugging to everyone that phones running the current Windows Mobile OS, including Windows Mobile 6.5 will not be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 7 OS. HTC mobile has 5 buttons which doesn’t fit the criteria of Windows Phone which includes only 3 buttons.
5. Older apps not supported
Since no upgradation in the OS is supported, its does not provide compatibility of applications running in Windows Mobile 6.5 or lower, to be able to run in WP7S. This means that a large number of applications are required to be built again. Also, Microsoft will have to completely reset its App Marketplace, which currently has over 140,000 apps to adjust to the new Windows Phone 7 features.
These are just a few things I feel which are needed to be included in WP7S. What do you think?


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