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Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to Do if Google Adsense PIN not Received

  admin       Sunday, April 5, 2015
As you may have already aware that Google sends you a PIN (Personal identification number) after you have crossed the threshold of $10, to verify that the home address you have provided is correct. You will not be paid until you verify your address but the problem is, in many areas Google PIN never reaches many publishers. Well, it is not a fault of Google; it is the problem we face due to bad postal services of our place.

You first PIN will be dispatched as soon as you cross the threshold of $10. But if you do not receive the PIN you can order additional two more PINs (you have to wait for at least two weeks before you can order another letter containing your PIN). But if the first PIN do not reach you, chances are the second and third one will also be undelivered.

What to do then.

You need not to worry. Firstly do not just keep waiting for the first PIN to come, order the second and third PIN as soon as the option appears. In case you received the second PIN after ordering the third one, or received the first PIN after ordering the second PIN, you can enter PIN from any of the three letters you receive as all the three letters contains the same PIN.

If you have not received any of the first two PINs, then before ordering the third one, prepare an official ID proof which have your name and address written clearly on it. This is an alternate method to verify your address if none of the three PINs reaches you. Four weeks, after you have ordered the third PIN, an option to verify your address by sending an official ID proof will appear. You can send any of the following ID proofs-

1. Your government ID proof.
2. Your voter ID card.
3. Passport
4. Driving license
5. Bank statement

The only requirement is that the “payee name” and your “address” should be clearly written on it. Also I will recommend sending a scanned copy of your ID proof instead of clicking a photograph. Do not crop the image not even the corners. You address will be verified within 24 hours and your hold will be removed. :-)

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