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Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Show Full Date in Blogger Post

  admin       Friday, November 14, 2014
Most bloggers prefer to display the Full Date a post was published, which is often relevant to the subject matter of the post. Indeed, most blog templates include some elements of CSS styling for the post date (or date heading as it is often known). When using Blogger to publish your blog, the date heading is only displayed for the most recent post of any given day. This means that if you make several posts in a single day, the date heading will only display for the last post published in this day. While readers of your blog may be able to deduce the posting date in relation to other posts, many of us would prefer to simply display the date, especially when using a calendar icon or other template styling to display the date in a particular way.

By default, posts that are published will have only one date shown, particularly on last published post. In some templates, posts are display only published time.

So in this post, I'll explain a quick and simple customization which enables you to display the date for all posts in your blog, to inform your readers of the exact date of posting and ensure any date styling in your layout is rendered correctly. Here's how change to display the Full Date.

1- Log in to your Blogger account

2- Go to Dashboard  >  Settings  >  Language and formatting    

3- On Timestamp Format changes to Full Date.

4- Save settings

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