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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Set Up Google Analytics to your Site or Blogger

  admin       Wednesday, November 12, 2014
One of the best way to monitor your blog of its advancement including traffic count and characteristics of readers is to have Google Analytic in stalled in your blog. You spend many hours writing great articles for your website. So why not take a few minutes to Set up Google Analytic to monitor your stats? There are many advantages of having this installed because almost everything in your blogs will be monitored, much more useful in advertising purpose in which you can tract and see your targeted viewers. There are also many Ad networks that needs your Analytics data for approval purpose.

This article will show how to install Google Analytics.

1- Go to and sign in your account or register a new one

2- Fill in the information

3- Click Get Tracking ID

4- Click on I accept

5- Now what you get is Tracking ID & HTML Code

6- Go to your Blogger Dashboard  >>  Settings  >>  Others  >>  Enter the Tracking ID in Google Analytics box

7- Save.

Edit HTML Code

8- Go to your Blogger Dashboard  >>  Template  >>  Edit HTML  

9- In the HTML code box, press Ctrl + F then type
7- Now copy the HTML code from Step 2 then paste just above the </head> line of code.

8- Save template

You need to wait a few days before your Analytics will begin populating with traffic to your site!
After your account is setup and you have it installed on your site and "receiving data", then you may click Home, Standard Reporting or Custom Reporting to begin viewing traffic details to your site.

That's it!
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