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Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to Earn Money without Adsense Ads in Website

  admin       Sunday, November 9, 2014
We all know that adsense is one of the best network to monetize blogs and sites but it doesn't work anymore for blogging niche blogs because there audience already know that these are adsense ads and they won't click ads. Another thing is that adsense has been strict from long to approve new applications and many bloggers don't have even adsense accounts for this reason.

Well, those who still think that adsense is just only way to monetize their blogs, I would like to tell them that adsense is not everything there are many other networks and strategies for monetization. Yes, adsense is owned by dominating company but some things can't work with everything.

So, today we've brought some methods and networks specially for those who're running blogs on blogging niche and also for those who hate adsense.

1. CPM (Cost Per Mile) Ad Networks
When paid per click is not working, try cost per mile ads. Simply, you'll be get paid for thousand impressions on ads. More the traffic, more money you make. While adsense also pays you for impressions but those who don't have adsense can go for CPM networks., Madadsmedia, etc are the best networks that you can go for. Personally, we're using and our experience is even better than adsense. So we'll say that is a great alternative of adsense.

2. Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs are best for blogging niche and they're many relevant programs that you can join and start promoting their products. You can find affiliate programs on web hosting sites, blog theme sites like themeforest, plugins, SEO products and many more. If you can't affiliate products for your blog that simply go to ClickBank which is most popular largest affiliate network, there you'll get tons of products to promote and earn commission. You can put product banner in your blog or even can write review about them to generate sales and enjoy the commission.

3. Banner Advertising (
Another best method for monetization blogging niche blog is selling ad banners in your blog. is one of the best network for this kind of advertising. BuySellAds is a bit difficult to get approved account but if you got quality blog with huge traffic than chances are higher to get listed in BuySellAds directory. Once your blog is listed in BuySellAds directory than advertisers will be able to view your blog and any advertiser can purchase ad slot on your blog which will have fixed price and advertiser's banner will displayed for next 30 days. Give it a try and if you're approved than you won't be disappointed.

4. In-Text Advertising -
In-Text advertising is also popular these days in which some words in your content will be converted into ad links. On hovering, it will display ad overview and if these links got clicks than you'll be easily paid. is one of the top first ad network for this type of advertisement and is considered the top AdSense alternative. Even if you got AdSense, you can run both AdSense and InfoLinks on your blog to generate extra income. If your most of the blog traffic is coming from top countries such as USA, Canada, UK than InfoLinks got highest payout rates for you. 

5. Sponsored Reviews
When everything above doesn't work for you than this will surely work for you. Don't know either you've heard about it or not but once you know and try this method and you'll surely love it. Sponsored Reviews - Here we need to contact some relevant companies to blogging niche such as Hosting companies, SEO companies, Ad companies etc but these companies must be new and recently launched. Okay, so we need to get in touch with them and ask them an offer that we'll publish their product review on your blog which has decent readers to increase company's audience and users and you'll charge some amount in back. Before you contact any company, make sure you've good page rank and alexa and also use some email tactics to let company accept your offer.

6. Start Coaching & Service
Well, you can turn your readers into clients through this way but here you must be experienced pro blogger. You can start coaching where you can teach blogging SEO and other money making strategies to your readers and you'll charge them reasonable amount. Well, you can also start service in which you'll can provide different type of blogging services such as SEO service, creating backlinks, WordPress setup, content writing etc. This will need you to create pages where you can describe fully about your service & coaching along with price quotes. Also create a nice form for submissions.

7. E-book Selling
Got epic writing skills? This method is only for you! You can start writing e-books to make even more money. E-book writing can be difficult because here we need to both e-book topic expertise and also writing skills. You can write e-book on SEO, blogging, money making strategies and try to put them on Amazon Kindle where you can generate a lot of sales. It needs loads of hard work but remember hard work always pays.

Money is waiting for you!
So, what you've thought to go for? Think wisely and try these methods because money is waiting for you. AdSense is not everything and you can make hell more than AdSense. Hope this article will help you and also share this article with your friends.


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