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Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Start with Adwords Campaign in Google

  admin       Thursday, October 9, 2014
Google Adwords allow advertisers to display links to their websites on Google search results. This include links to the homepages of their webpages, which is quite difficult to achieve using natural SEO methods. The links will be displayed in premium ads (in some cases among the top results of Google). The Adwords program directly runs directly on Google and optionally on third party websites integrating the Google Search Engine.

Auctions and Cost Per Click
Google will charge you for every click generated by your ad(s) at a predefined rate. This auction system is known as Cost Per Click (CPC). The ads with the highest CPC appear above the others. You will need to set maximum daily budget for your campaign beforehand and once this budget is reached your ad will automatically disappear from the Google's pages.

The importance of using the relevant keywords is you can freely choose the keywords for which your ads will appear. Popular keywords tends to be more expensive (some may exceed 40 euro per click). It is also important to define exclusion:
  • Geographic
  • IP

You will require a Google account (Gmail) to conduct and manage your Adwords Campaigns. For each of your Ads, you will need:
  • A title
  • A short description (2-line)
  • A link (display)
  • A destination link

Creating your Adwords Campaign
To create a Campaign:
  • Connect to Adwords using your Google account
  • Click on "New Campaign" and give it a name
  • Choose the sites on which the ads will be displayed
  • Place your bid and daily budget
  • Create an ad group
  • Create the ad and define the keywords.

Managing your Campaign - Analytics
To monitor your campaign, you must associate your Adwords account with Google Analytics.

Managing your Campaign - The daily budget
You can manage multiple ads from your account and as such you will need to define daily budget for each of your campaign. The "Automatic Bid" option may be useful when starting with Adwords as all the rates are recommended by Google.


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