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Saturday, October 25, 2014

How to Remove Mobile View Template in Blogger

  admin       Saturday, October 25, 2014
Blogger Mobile Templates are mobile-optimized versions of our Template Designer templates. If you are using one of these templates, when you enable the mobile template option, your blog will begin rendering using the mobile version of the same variant. Even if you are not using a Template Designer template, or using a heavily-customized version of one, you can still enable this feature to have your blog start rendering in a generic default mobile template that we have created.

The mobile templates let your device with lower display size / resolution (such as PDAs, mobile phones, and smart phone) display the content of the blog without the unnecessary overhead which may be a part of our normal blog formatting. This content will show you how to remove Mobile View Template.

1- Login to your Blogger account

2- Go to Dashboard  >  Template 

3- Click the Gear symbol 

4- Select No. Show desktop template on mobile devices.

5- Click Save (Now in Mobile Template, it will show Disable as below picture)

6- Scroll to bottom and click on "Revert to classic templates"

7- Click again on "Revert to classic templates" that shows up beneath the first one

Wait a moment.
Done! The mobile view is gone (like below picture).

Note: If want the Mobile View back, just click on Upgrade Template.

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