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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Claim your Blog or Site on Alexa

  admin       Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Usually, Alexa pick a new domain itself but it's always a good idea to submit your site yourself and claim your ownership. This way, you can add more details to your blog Alexa profile and make it look more professional.

There are controversies behind Alexa ranking, but I believe like many other websites ranking too, Alexa is one of the standard and we have to make sure that we get good listing and ranking on Alexa. So this, beginner guide will help you to get started with submission and claiming your site.

1- Sign up a new account in Alexa website or you can log in with Facebook account

2- Now go to  Alexa site owner page

3- Enter your blog/website domain name and click on Continue

4- There are 3 methods to do now, I recommend you to click on Method 2 if you are done with blogger.

5- Now you will get the meta tag and verification ID. Copy meta tag code

6- Go to Blogger Dashboard  >>  Template  >>  Edit HTML

7- In the HTML code box, press Ctrl + F then type
8- Paste the meta tag code just above </head>

9- Back to Alexa website then click on Verify my ID.

After complete with Verify my ID, you will ask to fill any information such as Site Title, Site Description and more.

Submit and claim your blog or site on Alexa is the best way of increasing your rank at the same time creating a list or information of your site.

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