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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to Change Template in Blogger

  admin       Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Are you tired of using the default blogger template? Do you want to give professional design to your blogger blog? If yes then read this post carefully from the top to bottom. This post recipe will completely goes all about How to Change the Template in Blogger. Being a blogger user everyone should must know all the tips and tricks how to change and replace the blogger default template with new one.

Turning your blog into professional looks. First impression is the last impression, as the phrase telling us to keep everything clean neat stylish, designable & delicious so that viewers likes our job in first impression. A designable theme will attract more and more visitors and will make our blog design perfects for viewers.

To change your template first you will need to download premium or professional template from online template website.

1- Go to Blogger Dashboard  >>  Template

2- Click on Backup / Restore

3- We recommend you to backup your current template first by press Download full template

4- Now press Browse to select the template file from PC which you wish to apply on your blog.

5- Click on Upload

It will take a few minutes when you click on the Upload button, wait until the loading complete and then try to refresh your blog. You will be wondered to see the amazing result. After refreshing now will have a nice template on your blog.

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