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Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Make Schedule for Auto Posting in Blogger

  admin       Monday, August 11, 2014
Scheduling the posts is among the best and well know feature included in blogger platform. This additional features was as part of the new interface of blogger. Now all blogger users can simply publish the post in specific period by setup the particular schedule timing intended for post publishing the specific timing in a day. So lets start the tutorial to learn scheduling blogger posts.

Schedule Auto Post

1- Go to Blogger Dashboard

2- Create New Post

3- Now once you finish writing your post, click on the Schedule option from the post editor located on the right side.

Schedule Auto Post 01

4- When you click on the schedule option tool, you would be able to see two options (Automatic & Set date and time). Click on Set date and time option and select your desire timing and dates on which you want to schedule your blog posts for auto publishing or posting. See below screenshots.

Schedule Auto Post 02

5- Now click on Done

6- Remember: You MUST click on Publish button. It will not publish your post on pressing Publish button but it will automatically publish your posts at the same time and date which you schedule for it.

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