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Friday, August 29, 2014

How to Fix WiFi Connection Issue on iPhone iOS 7.x.x

  admin       Friday, August 29, 2014
The most user of iDevices came with iOS 7.x.x can clearly feel that the battery drain faster. Here we are going to guide you to fix WiFi connection issue and we believe you can also optimize iOS 7.x.x setting to save more battery life by following our guide.

But it's not just the battery drainage issue. Most of the users who have their hands on these brand Apple devices also complained about these iOS 7.x.x WiFi issue, with decreased signals quality significantly compared to the previous models, and some time is even unable to connect in the areas. To fix this WiFi connection issue you can try a special way recently circulating in the Apple official community as many people have verified that it really works. Follow the guide carefully to fix WiFi connection issue.

1- Go to Settings  >>  Enable Airplane Mode by clicking the right switch to make it green, then you will see an airplane icon on the left of the status bar.

2- Go to Settings  >>  General  >>  Reset  >>  Restore Network Settings

After reset complete, reboot your wireless router, then re-enable the Airplane Mode, waiting for the device to re-connect to the network.

Once you done with the above steps, the poor quality issue to Wi-Fi connection can be fixed with a great chance.

The above tutorial is a temporary solution and will not 100% work for everyone, if your WiFi issue persists, then you have to seek an official fix from Apple maybe only wait for the iOS version update.

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