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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Copy Windows Error Message Text Box

  admin       Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Software developers often put error messages into a "message box". A message box is a type of dialog box managed by Windows. It's very easy to implement from a programming standpoint, and thus many error messages are shown this way. Users see message boxes all the time. They are the ones with a either a icon to the left and some text. There will be buttons, like OK, Cancel, Yes, No, etc. Since the text is presented in a static text box, there is no way to select all or a portion of the text.

One of the most troubling fact observed on Windows that once you get any error message while installing any tools or while executing any file, then you cannot copy that message anywhere so that is becomes easier for us to search on Google. But today we will be helping you with a solution to this problem.

Let us take an example of the error message received when you entered a wrong command in the Run application window.

How to Copy above error message

1- Press Ctrl+C but make sure that you have selected that error box by clicking any where on the message box. Now open Notepad on your system and then Paste the text inside. What will you see?

Now you can copy that error message from there and then you can paste it on to the Google to get help. I think it was quite a simple tutorial and now you will not have to type that error message again by yourself. I hope that this short tutorial would have helped you to solve a very annoying problem of yours.



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