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Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Check iPhone's Charger (Original or Fake)

  admin       Monday, August 11, 2014
The digital market is an ever-expanding one; more and more smartphones and tablets are being sold every year and now we have wearable tech joining in as well. But every successful story has its downside and, in this case, it's the market for counterfeit goods. Using a cheap charger isn't only dangerous for your health but it can also destroy your iOS device. If you are considering to buy second hand iPhone most scared and think about counterfeit products such as tires chargers or headphones. Below is a note charging method iPhone real or fake:

Check iPhone Charger 01
Left is a Original charger because the letters printed on the charging of course, is not so clear and easy to read. While the right is Fake because clear and readable smoothly but most spell wrong, example in above picture as Designed and Equipment.

Check iPhone Charger 02
The Original on the left, it can place vertically but the right Fake cannot put vertically.

Check iPhone Charger 03
The Original charger is on the left because the charging holes to plug in the USB cable combines the two steel pins that has a linear shape and sharp triangular. The right is Fake because the two pins are thin and sharp, rounded.

Check iPhone Charger 04
The left is Original because it comes with a rectangular sharped holes in the metal layer inside the holes to plug in the USB. The Fake charger come with holes along the linear shape.

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