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Saturday, August 9, 2014

How to Add Twitter Follow Button to Your Blog

  admin       Saturday, August 9, 2014
After Facebook the biggest name in social media is Twitter with 50+ million users and 350+ million tweets generated daily. Twitter Follow button is one along with Facebook Like Box and Popular Post Widget. By adding Twitter Follow button on your blog you can increase your twitter followers which will result in greater traffic from the twitter. This will allow visitors to easily follow you on twitter directly from your blog. So this content will show you how to add Twitter Follow button on your blog.

Twitter Follow Button

1- Go to Twitter Button Website

2- Choose Follow from the four options as shown below

Twitter Follow Button 01

3- Now in the Button options, Enter your twitter username in User field as shown in below picture. You may check Large button  to increase the size of twitter follow button.

Twitter Follow Button 02

 4- Copy the button code which is on the right side under the title Preview and code in small box below your twitter button as highlighted in Red in the picture below.

Twitter Follow Button 03

5- Now your twitter follow button is ready to be install on your blog. Login to your Blogger Account

6- Go to Blogger Dashboard  Layout  >  Add gadget  >  HTML/JavaScript

7- Paste the code copied in the box

8- Save and now you have Twitter Follow Button on your blog.

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