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Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Save Battery Life for Android Device

  admin       Friday, August 1, 2014

Android Battery

How to save battery life for Android Device:

1- Automatic Brightness  >>  OFF
 The Screen uses a large proportion of your device's energy store; the difference between full brightness and the dimmest can mean hours more battery life. On android, use the screen brightness toggle in Quick Settings (Swipe down) from the top to bring down the Notification Shade and tap the top right had quick setting. Some Android phones, including Samsung devices, let you increase or decrease the screen brightness while still maintaining automatic adjustment.

2- Use 2G instead of 3G (if 3G is not necessary)

3- Bluetooth & Wi-Fi  >>  OFF
If you need to contact cable by phone and internet, but aren't at a Wi-Fi spot, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This stops your phone from looking for networks to join. On Android, swipe down for the Notifications Shade, switch to Quick Settings and tap the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons so that they are greyed out.

4- Automatic Background Syncing  >>  OFF

5- Do not use Live Wallpapers

6- Black Wallpaper is better than Other Color Wallpapers

7- Do not use Widgets that always Live Updates

8- Do not use Home button to close the application, should use the Back button to exit till the Home Screen

9- Do not keep your Android device in Unserviceable place

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