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Video: How to Add AdSense Code to Your Website Without Coding

How to Place Google AdSense Code to your Wordpress Blog without Coding Simple steps on how to display Google AdSense Ads on your Wordpress blog without coding.
-Sign up for Google AdSense Account, if you already have one log in to your home page and click on My Ads in the menu bar
- When My Ads page displays, click on New Ad Unit and Name your add in the page that displays
-Choose any of the Ad size of your choice whether you want a skyscraper which is 300x600 or a regular 336x280 large rectangular ad type
- Choose an AD TYPE whether it’s Text and Display ad which is image type of ad and text or Text Only type of ad which contains only text. Normally Google recommend you use the display and text type art.
-Choosing text and style: This allows you customize the ad in background colors and text styles and size nit normally necessary but it’s an opportunity to test your creativity.
-Choosing back up ads
-Choosing what to display if there’s no ad available to show for page. You can choose ad from another URL to display of you can leave a blank space
-Save and GET CODE if you’re certified with your ad. Copy the Code.
-Got to your Wordpress dashboard Under the APPEARANCE drop down menu select WIDGETS -Drag a TEXT widget and drop it wherever you want it to display. Open the widget and paste the AdSense code in the text area and SAVE it.
-Visit you page and there should be your ad, if the ad is blank it mean it’s on pending, sometime its take few hour for the ad to become active.

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