Power Button action and settings & Re-arrange Taskbar Buttons or Notification Tray icons in Windows 7

Power Button action and setting in Windows 7

The default setting in the Windows 7 start menu power button displays Shutdown action. But should you wish to, you can change what the Power Button does from Shutdown, to Switch User, Log off, Lock, Restart, Sleep or Hibernate in Windows 7.

Power Button action and settings

You may, depending on your usage, change its default action to:
 – Switch User
– Log off
– Lock
– Restart
– Sleep
– Hibernate

To do so, right click on Taskbar and select Properties. Once this box is open, select the Start Menu tab. Here under Power button action, open the Drop down menu, and from the options available, select action. Once this is done, click on Apply > OK.

You can also do it the following way. Open Control Panel and choose Power Options. Next, click on ‘Change when the computer sleeps’ link.

Then, click on ‘Change Advanced Power Settings’ link.

Scroll down the list in the window till you find ‘Power Buttons and lid’ > Change the default action of the Start Menu Power Button, by expanding its view.

Hope it helps!
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Re-arrange Taskbar Buttons or Notification Tray icons in Windows 7

A small but useful tip about a new feature introduced in Windows 7. Windows 7 lets you move and re-arrange the taskbar buttons, should you wish to.

Re-arrange Taskbar Buttons

To do so simply move your mouse cursor to the tab which you want to move and use the drag and drop method to re-arrange it.

Re-arrange Notification Tray icons

You can similarly use the same drag and drop method to re-arrange the notification tray or system tray icons.

Windows 7 has added this functionality in view of the feedback received from various quarters.
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