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Maximum Google Adsense Ads per Single Page

Google Adsense is exceptionally strict with their terms and conditions and on the off chance that they locate any one abusing their terms and condition then they will disable or banned Google Adsense Account. I had experience that once your account is disabled then it is difficult to get back your account.

In the event that you need to secure from getting disable your account from Adsense group, you need to take after all terms of states of Google Adsense. The most well-known misstep numerous blogger makes is they put such a variety of promotions on a single page, in the event that you additionally commit this error then it implies you are breaking Adsense terms and Conditions.

So please have a look of how many of Adsense advertisements permitted every page, you can put most extreme promotions on single page up to:
  • Per Single Page : Maximum 3 Ads for Content Unit
  • Per Single Page : Maximum 3 Ads for Link Unit
  • Per Single Page : Maximum 2 Search Boxes of Adsense for Search
If you put so many ads on a single page then it will slow down your blog speed, so it’s better to put only three content units, two search boxes and three for links unit.


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