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How to Add Contact Form Widget to Blogger

Today's post we discuss about How to add contact form widget to blogger on your contact us page. Blogger provide you to add contact us form at your page directly no longer used 3rd party contact form. Blogger has add new contact us form widget fit to blog sidebar and pages. You can also customize it on a separate page if you want to add only on page.

Every blogger want to add contact us form easily because contact us form need on every blog to drop a message by visitor. If you need to getting suggestions, feedback or queries from visitors than add this contact form on your blog and visitor drop direct message for you.

How to Add Contact us widget to Blogger

You can add contact us widget to blogger easily with follow below steps:

Step 1

Log in into Blogger Dashboard and Go to Layout as shown in below picture.

Step 2

Click on add a gadget link and select more from left menu as shown in below picture.

Step 3

Add contact Form from the right side list as shown in below picture.

Step 4

Set Title for Contact us form.
Step 5

Click on save button.


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