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How to Find CNAME in Blogger

I would like to share with you how to generate or find your unique blogger CNAME. Maybe you’re looking for this answer, starting to make a post on blogger help and found nothing, so you still looking for this ‘I lost my unique blogger CNAME for my domain???’ or ‘How i can find unique blogger CNAME again???’. Now i will answer your question, because i have the same trouble before, because i deleted a CNAME record.

I am very confused and start a posting to get an answer to fix this problem, and the answer is nothing. But how i can fix it??? Follow this step.

1. Go to your webmaster tool account (log in using your blogger account e-mail and password)

2. You’ll see your domain list like this.

3. Click on Verification Details beside your registered domain name

4. Click on Verification Details again

5. Congratulation, you found your unique blogger CNAME record!!!

That's it.


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