How to Make Auto Post in Facebook Group

Recently I have been getting the same question over and over again and that is what is the best way to automatically post in Facebook Groups. Since so many people were interested in automating their Facebook posting I set out to find the best way to make auto post in Facebook Group. I've tried again and again in posting all the contents to the Facebook Group and found one way is very easy without using the application and especially is Free.

Here is the way we do.

1-  Log In to your Facebook Account
2-  Join the niche groups you want
3-  After the Group Admin confirm, you will receive notification to join that niche groups
4-  Now please go into that group then copy the the Group Name from URL in address bar.
     Ex: https://www.facebook.com/groups/abcd
         -  abcd: is the Group Name

5-  Combine the Group Name with @groups.facebook.com
      Ex: abcd@groups.facebook.com

6-  Now send the Email to abcd@groups.facebook.com
     Note: Maximum 50 group (it means you can send to 50 email)  per mail sending out.

7-  Success with my Gmail.

Let's enjoy!!


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