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How to Take a Screenshot with a Broken Home or Power Button on iDevice

The users probably know how to take a screenshot on their iDevice by pressing the Home button right below your screen and the Sleep/Wake (Power) button at the top at the same time. You will see your screen go white for a brief moment, indicating that the screenshot has been taken. To access the screenshot, open the Photos app and go to your Camera Roll. The last image taken should be your screenshot.

Does your iDevice broken Home or Power Button? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Just follow the steps:

1- Go to Settings app  >>  General  >>  Accessibility  >>  Assistive Touch 

2- Turn on the Assistive Touch

3- Back to Screen you wish to capture.

4-Click on Black square  >>  Device  >>  More  >>  Screenshot

The Assistive Touch menu will automatically be dismissed, and your screenshot will be saved in the Photos app.

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