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How to Change the Author Name without Changing Google Plus Profile Name

If you have connected your Blogger profile with Google plus profile, be aware that Author Name of your posts will also get replaced with your Google plus profile. If you do not like this for whatever reason there is a way to change this behavior by modifying Blogger Template. For Templates using Simple Views, solution will require modifications of the template code. This doesn't seem to work for templates using Dynamic Views, so for those templates we will show you a workaround using Javascript.

Now you want to show different author name without changing Google plus profile name, then this tutorial is for you Google plus profile has one disadvantage, we cannot change our name more often. They limits the name changing as three per two years (as of this post publication time). But we can change the author name by simple way.

1- Go to Blogger Dashboard

2- Go to Template  >>  Edit HTML

3- In the HTML code, press Ctrl+F then type:
Note: You may find above code more than one.

4- Replace ALL these <> code with your desired name.

5- Save template.

You are done.

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