How to Stop Tracking your Own Pageviews in Blogger

By default, Blogger provides its pageviews tracker and show stats of all time, monthly, weekly, daily or realtime... It offers you all the info about the pageviews whatever system or perhaps browser your visitors are utilizing, from which often country they belongs to etc. But the catch i that additionally, it tracks your own pageviews also. Being a blogger, you might visit your blog at most 50 times each day, so this gets difficult to have your accurate measurement of pageviews. To have accurate statistics of your blog, you have to stop tracking your own pageviews first. So this content will show you how to stop tracking your own pageviews in your blogger blog and get accurate traffic stats of your blog.

1- Log in to your Blogger Dashboard

2- Stats  >  Overview

3- Click on Don't track your own pageviews button under your Blog's Pageviews statistics

4- A popup message will open and from that popup make click on Don't track my pageviews

5- Hit the Save button



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