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How to Lock and Unlock the Folder by Using Command Prompt


Command prompt is one of the most powerful application in windows OS. If you have knowledge about Command prompt means you have knowledge about Windows OS in proper way. If you are familiar with command, you can easily done your work on any Windows OS with less effort. There are many ways to lock or hide the folder by using the software application but in this article Share to World will show you how to Lock the Folder by using Command Prompt.

1- Go to Command Prompt by press Windows Key + R

2- Type cmd  >  press Enter

3- Type the Drive name (Example: Drive E)

4- Go to the folder you wish to Lock by typing  cd folder name  ,  Example: cd _ABC_

5- Type cacls folder name /p everyone:n  ,  Example: cacls Photo /p everyone:n

6- The message alert Are you sure (Y/N)?  >  Type Y   (Y : Yes /  N : No)  >  press Enter

7- Done with processed dir: ............ Now your folder is Locked.

Note: To unlock the folder, follow all the step but step 5 must change from n to f for cacls folder name /p everyone:f   , ,  Example: cacls Photo /p everyone:f

Done !


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