Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Convert from Power Point 2010 to Video

  admin       Monday, August 4, 2014
Power Point 2010

Most of the presentation using Microsoft Power Point files (.ppt or .pptx) but Ms. Power Point 2010 can convert to a video file.

1- Step 1: Open Power Point 2010 then Create your project
2- Step 2: File menu

Power Point 2010_01

3- Step 3: Click Save & Send

Power Point 2010_02

 4- Step 4: Create a Video

Power Point 2010_03

 5- Step 5: Choose other Option such as Video Size, and set the number of Seconds to change the speed setting a slide to another slide. Then click on Create Vide

Power Point 2010_04

6- Step 6: Now choose the location of Video and Change the Video Name then Click "Save"
Note: The video file will be Windows Media Video (*.wmv)
Power Point 2010_05

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