How to Chat in Facebook app without Using Facebook Messenger on iDevice

Facebook is coming up with more and more ways to annoy their users, including forcing them to use its Facebook Messenger app instead of the Facebook app to chat with friends. If you want to caht withing Facebook has met severe criticism. It turns out that people want to have all their messages right inside the default Facebook app. Despite the criticism, Facebook wouldn't be budging. It continues to ask users to install Facebook Messenger if they want to chat or send messages. This article will show you how to avoid using Facebook Messenger app (iDevice Only).

Chat in Facebook

1- Log in to Facebook account

2- Press on Message/Chat

Chat in Facebook 01

3- Facebook will alert and ask to install Facebook Messenger.

4- Press Install button

Chat in Facebook 02

5- App Store will pop up in new screen with Facebook Messenger app

Install Facebook Messenger

6- Do NOT install and press Home button back to homescreen

7- Open Facebook app  >  Press on Message/Chat again

Now you can chat in Facebook app without using Facebook Messenger app.

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