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//UPDATED// How to Add Facebook Like Box into Blogger

Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Box also termed as Facebook Fan Box has always considered as the most significant part of a website. It allows the blog owners to provide their users with an easy and convenient way to join their Facebook community with just few clicks. A person that join your community on Facebook would receive updates directly into this news feeds. The Like Box plugin, supplied by Facebook, allows web page contributors to embed a live stream of their Facebook page into a webpage. Additionally, audience members can then choose to "Like" the stream topic.

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So this content will show you how to add the Facebook Like Box into your blog.

1- Create the Facebook Page and Copy the URL of the Facebook Page you would like to embed

2- Go to Facebook Like Box page at

3- Paste the URL into the Facebook Page URL field

4- Configure the Width, Height, Color Scheme.....

Facebook Like Box_02

5- Click on Get Code button (Copy this code)

6- Log in to your Blogger Dashboard  >  Layout  >  Add a Gadget  >  HTML/JavaScript gadget

7- Paste the code above into Content

8- Save  >  Save arrangement in your blogger

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